T. Edwin Doss Wins 2015 Song Contest with Jessie Brown – Bonnie Warren and John Keawe are Runners Up

Born in a small town in Alabama, T. Edwin grew up in a family that enjoyed music. By the time he was six years old, he was copying his sister’s piano lessons without taking formal lessons. He managed to acquire a right-handed guitar from a friend and learned chords “up-side down”. After three years, someone suggested that he switch the strings around, and after doing so T. Edwin began learning in earnest, playing along with folk music, country, and blues. Within the last 8 years T. Edwin feels as if he has written many of his better tunes, and some are represented in his two CD releases, “Out On Rocky’s Run” and “I’ll Be Coming Home Soon”. The songs are a collection showcasing T. Edwin’s many styles of writing ~ from boogie to ballads, each tune will captivate the listener. His ability to take human emotions, heart-felt tragedies, laughter and pain to a place perhaps well known to the listeners, and honestly express them from the sentiment of his pen. Some are based on true facts while others might be pieces of memories carefully placed into sequence to bring life to a tale that is quite real and touching to so many. T. Edwin’s tunes weave masterfully through trails of artful scheme, with clever alliteration, rhyme and reason, they are unique, unlike any other artist. www.TEdwinDoss.com


Bringing Life To A Tale
DSA Interview with T EDWIN DOSS

1. Who were your favorite songwriters (that perhaps influenced your writing?)
Hank, Sr.  Tom T. Hall, Rodney Crowell, John Prine, James Taylor, Kristofferson,Townes Van Zandt, Jim Croce are a few.

2. What inspired your Grand Prize winning song, “Jessie Brown” ?
  45 years ago I had a friend that got hooked on cocaine. We tried to help him, but nothing worked. He committed suicide. It was sad then, and still is to this day.

3. What is your writing process?
  There are no specific rules. Sometimes I have a great idea and usually write several lines to capture the summation of thought, with the chorus in mind. If things are progressing I construct a verse or two to work with that chorus. All the time, I may pick up the guitar to feel chording, meter and possible ideas of a melody.
I usually have keywords written in the margin to incorporate into the theme. I may rewrite all night long…may rewrite the next day or the following week, making subtle changes. Sometimes the sentences just flow like water…rhymes come easily…things work like a well oiled machine…sometimes the “great idea” needs to be put on hold for a week or month or two…and sometimes it’s trashed. I write best at any given moment day or night…sometimes while driving…sometimes after a dream. I don’t have to be locked into a room with total silence. I can write in a hailstorm.

4. Do you co-write?
Yes on occasion. Years ago I co wrote with the late, Merle Kilgore(Ring of Fire) Recently I co wrote an inspirational tune called, “He Did His Best Work on Wood” with Jon Carroll(Starland Vocal Band)It has won a few awards.

1st Runner Up Bonnie Warren Wins with “Real Love Next Time”

Bonnie is an active and versatile songwriter, and travels between Philadelphia and Nashville to work with talented writers, artists, and producers. She has been involved in the music industry for many years. Her songs have won contests, been on television, on indie releases, at showcases, on indie film, and more.

2015-Currently her newest project is writing with and co-producing young artist/writer Charlotte Sands. The two of them have a growing catalogue of over a dozen songs, several of which are winning contests and turning heads!

Bonnie has worked in many sides of the music industry. She has been a staff writer for a cutting edge creative arts magazine – (WHOA – “What’s Happening With Original Artists”). She has co-managed an indie rock band; taught songwriting to teens; has shopped artists to labels; booked a venue; organized a summer “in the park” concert series in her area; judged songwriting contests;, ran a local chapter of a world wide music organization; and she has planned and orchestrated showcases as well as educational and networking workshops for area writers and musicians Moreover, she has volunteered for the local GRAMMY organization chapter at a number of their charity and fundraising events. https://www.bonniewarren.com

2nd Runner Up JOHN KEAWE Wins with “AINA HANU”

John Keawe is a Grammy and multiple Na Hoku HanoHano award winning slack-key (Kiho`alu) guitarist, composer and recording artist.
John’s music is infused with the spirit of Aloha and is reflective of many elements personal to him. 
John performs regularly at various locations on the Big Island as well as other venues throughout the Hawaiian islands and mainland.  In addition, he has recorded several albums, bringing Hawaiian slack-key into the homes of people from around the world.